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The Best Online Bookmakers in the UK


How to find UK’s best online bookmakers

Punters are spoiled for choice when it comes to online betting, with bookmakers numbering many, and the key to enjoying the experience to the fullest is picking out one of the best online bookmakers that you can. Why? It is because it will be a step which ensures that you will get just what you want from your online sports betting.

Features to look for in an online bookmaker
  • Welcome bonus
  • Customer Service
  • Extensive sports book
  • Features
  • Ease of navigation

What is the way that online bookmakers attract new customers? Through their welcome bonus offer. This is something which customers can take full advantage of, and while the conditions of the welcome bonus will differ from one bookmaker to the next, it is a great way to get started with online betting. It is like playing with someone else’s money and it can be valuable even if just used as experience in getting comfortable with placing bets for newcomers to online betting.

Because online betting is so competitive, this actually plays into the customers hands. Take full advantage of any free bets available, but don’t simply be blinded by what is on offer. There are more important factors in finding the best betting site than just the welcome bonus. That is just the big promotional advertising to get you into the ’store.’ If the promotional offer is great, but then market prices in the sportsbook, or coverage of a certain sport that you like is poor, then you really won’t have gained that much.

The best bookmakers will offer up a great package for their customers, from the welcome bonus down to the finer details of their operations. The promotional part of their business has to work in conjunction, has to complement the services inside, not supercede it. So you are going to want to find a strong bank of features for yourself. Remember the welcome bonus is just fleeting, the longevity of your experience with the bookmaker will come from the sportsbook that is on offer.

What other things are there to consider when looking for the best online bookmakers in regards to sportsbooks? Several things really. The first will be how extensive it is. Does the sportsbook offer great coverage of a wide range of sports, including the one that you will predominantly be using the most? Another factor is finding good market prices as well, small margins in better prices at a bookmaker can mean a big deal in terms of profit over a long period.

Of course, it is not possible to get the very best price on the market every time that you place a bet, so you are essentially looking for a great consistent performer. Find a bookmaker who regularly appears at the top in odds comparisons and ones that are pointed to the most when reading sporting event previews. This is simply like any shopping endeavour, you want to find the best value for your money. Look for good variety of sports as well as the event markets in them and from there, dig deeper into further market options, looking way beyond just outright winner markets.

Remember that you can open an account at more than one online bookmaker, but you cannot hold more than one account at a particular bookie. So that means you can increase your options when picking up free welcome bonus bets, as well as having more options on your hands when you want pick up the best prices you can for a betting selection. The more accounts you hold, the more variety you will have to increase your chances of grabbing a top price.

Features within a website can constitute whether you feel it is one of the best betting sites or not. Perhaps there are times when you want to look outside of sports betting and dip into other gaming options like Virtual Games, Casino or Poker. Areas like this have become more and more popular and can add to your experience. Also weigh up the small factors like how navigable a website is. Is it easy to jump around the difference sections of a sportsbook and manage all your bets in the betting slip?

Extra features beyond the sportsbook can really make a difference to your online betting. The bookmaker knows that it needs to deliver some high quality features as well to keep punters interested and hanging around the site. Even if you only intend to start with going in and playing fixed odds pre-match bets on soccer for example, there will come a point which you will want to expand your betting horizons.

So take a look round features, and features on offer which you may want to use in the future. Live in play betting for example is one of the most popular features used at online bookmakers, as it throws you straight into the heart of the action once a sporting event is underway. It is definitely a feature to look for in your sportsbook. How about live streams of sporting events? Some of the best online bookmakers deliver free live streams to their funded account holders, meaning that you can both watch and bet on live sports at the same time.

One of the other most important factors to consider about the many online bookmakers which are available, is that of customer service. It is one of those things which often get overlooked, but you will want to know that you have a good customer support behind you, should you need any help or advice.

Check out things like operation hours and what methods you can use to get a hold of them should any issues arise. Remember, you will be opening an account where your money is being held so, if you want advice about security or anything else, then don’t be afraid to ask.

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