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The Best Betting Sites


How to find the best online betting site

There are so many bookmakers available online, all of them offering their own brands and services, so how can you narrow them all down in order to pick out the best betting sites for yourself? Well, the first thing to understand is that the outcome of any research that you put into discovering the answer to this question, will be very personal to you. You are not just finding what everyone else considers to be the best betting sites, but the ones that you will personally enjoy the most in terms of market prices, features, sportsbook and customer service.

The way to be guided though is by looking at reviews of those bookmakers which are deemed to be the best online betting sites, and simply go from there. There is a reason why certain bookmakers get themselves so highly rated by their customers, it is because they consistently deliver quality and value. Basically, if you pick from a list of the most highly recommended betting sites, whichever one you get is going to offer a good experience. Again, it is just a matter of personal preference and the journey should be personal to you, as it is your money after all!

So step one of the process is to read bookmaker reviews, written by experienced sources who have gone out and used the sites in question. This can be invaluable information, because at the end of the day, an unbiased review is going to give you the best picture that you can get of the different bookmakers available. Pay attention to the experiences that other people have had at the sites. Then just make yourself a list of the bookmakers who call out to you the most. Ask yourself which ones have had the most stars in ratings? Which ones have consistently been at the top of different reviews?

Pay attention to the areas of online betting that you are going to want for your own personal experience. There are many, many different areas and facets of online betting that you should know the things which you are looking for. Here are some of the key areas in which you will want to focus on, and judge which are the most important to you.

Live Betting
This is one of the booming areas of online betting. Once the action has kicked off in a sporting event that you are wanting to have a wager on, then brand new markets get opened up. This could be an important feature to you, so if you are going to want to be spending time tracking live matches to take advantage of live bets, then you need a bookmaker which delivers a high quality service. Great examples of these are William Hill and Ladbrokes.

Money Back Specials and Promotions
If this is an area of sports betting which you think you are going to benefit hugely from, then there are bookmakers who really hit the mark. Promotional value generally comes from bookmakers offering Money Back Specials, which are refunds on losing bets if a certain circumstance happens in an event. This can add great extra value to your wagers, simply by offering insurance. This is a popular area of online betting, highlighted perhaps by offerings at Paddy Power, and the other main source of free bets is through welcome bonus promotions that get offered.

Live Streams
Do you want to get as close to the action as you possibly can? This great feature which is on offer at many of the best betting sites, allows customers to watch live sporting action from around the world. The benefit of being able to watch a live sporting event is that it will make live betting a much richer experience. The live streams are generally of events that won’t be found televised elsewhere else.

Customer Service
This is something which does get glossed over sometimes, but it is important. What is the quality of the customer service available at an online betting site? What time of day can you get a hold of them? What methods of communication are available? If that is important to you, then you will look for high ratings in that category.

There really is a lot to explore with online betting and the features mentioned above are really just the tip of the iceberg. What you are looking for is the key features that you will get the best experience from, as well as summing up the entire package of what is on offer. You may well have a hankering for some live in play betting, but you will naturally want a nice extensive sportsbook to go along with that.

You will also want some great prices worked into the package as well, because if that is missing then you won’t be doing yourself any favourites really. Take some time and really look around and just browse the best betting sites and taken them for a test drive. Don’t forget that it is perfectly viable to sign up with more than one bookmaker, giving yourself some choice and variety.

That is probably the biggest thing to remember. Sign up with as many of the best betting sites as you want to, because you’ll get a full blanket coverage of everything that you require and can search between them for great value.

So find yourself a reputable bookmaker by looking through a betting guide website like Online-Betting.me.uk. They do offer a lot of value and are a fantastic resource to explore, because there is great knowledge to be gained from experienced punters in different environments. Why not make the most of experts who have already done all the leg work for you, pointing out the best bookmakers for promotions, live betting and sports book quality? It just adds up to you being able to make a better judgement calls for yourself.

Another great resource to aid your betting is a good sports betting tip, and when you have in-depth match betting previews with relevant statistical data presented, along with an expert look at which way you should go with your betting, you will be pointed in the direction of where the best odds can be found.

So there is no need to get overwhelmed or confused about which bookmaker to go with. There are a lot of online betting sites available and they all have one thing in common. They want your custom. Let some expert advice, along with your own research, point you in the right direction of finding the best ones for your online betting experience.

The best betting sites

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