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Are you looking for the best online bookmakers for placing your sports bets?

This review is based on our personal experiences with Bet365 and represents our opinions about Bet365.

The hallmarks of a good bookmaker

Since the boom of betting on the internet, many bookmakers have appeared on the scene, but they are not all the same. For many punters however, there are a particular group of bookmakers, who can be considered to be among the best bookmakers for sports betting, since they score highly in the important areas of quality, market value, respectability and security. In addition, these best online bookmakers strive constantly to expand their range of offers and are able to serve their customers with a large selection of betting options. There are many factors to take into consideration, which characterise a good sports bookmaker.

Hallmarks of a good online bookmaker
  • Trusted and recognised brand
  • A name which crops up regularly in betting reviews
  • Competitive prices in odds comparison
  • Highly rated customer service and account management
  • Value

One of the most important subjects, and one that gets overlooked, is security. The privacy of your personal information and funds must be considered, because you want the assurance that you are being protected on the back end of things. It’s not just all about promotions and features on a website, the core operations need to work well, and you want your account held safe. Customer service is a big factor in online betting safety. Look at the ratings for customer service on a site, and consider things like how and when can you get a hold of a bookmaker if you need to.

Moreover, the quality of the best online bookmakers is also governed by the large number of betting options. This means that a large variety of sports are covered, everything from the major sports like football, F1, tennis, horse racing and golf get their place, alongside other global sports such as handball, volleyball, boxing, winter sports and more. But the large and broad-based range of betting products alone does not always complete the picture. When you decide to opt for an online bookmaker, you would, of course, also like to be able to place your sports bets at attractive odds.

There are often very different odds offered by various bookmakers, which is why it is worthwhile to open an account with more than just one of the best bookmakers around. The benefit of that is that you can choose the one which has the best market price on a selection, because small differences can make a big difference to your profits over time.

The majority of online betting sites push for new customers by offering a generous welcome bonus. If you register on Bet365, you will see the bonus terms & conditions for yourself. This is a great way to get your hands on some extra cash. The best online bookmakers will all have extra promotional value inside their website, such as Money Back Specials and Enhanced Odds.

With Live Betting, you can place your bets directly while a game is on, not only on the winner of the game, but also on many other variants (e.g. who scores the next goal, how many goals are scored until the end of the game, etc.)

So at the end of the day the key is finding the right package for you. Good odds, a large selection of various types of sports, features and security all contribute to qualifying these bookmakers as the best sports bookmakers on the Internet.

The following is a list of our rankings of the best online bookmakers:

If you are a fan of sports betting, just register yourself with these online bookmakers!

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Best Bookmakers

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